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Romagnola Breed

Romagnola Breed
Romagnola cow breed

"It was not created in a while, nor it came out perfect as Minerva did from the head of Jupiter, but it is the result of the patient, clever, and passionate work of a group of breeders who, for half a century, have taken care of it...": in 1930, Dino Sbrozzi describes with these words Romagnola cow breed. In 1975, Alberto Silvestri told its wonderful history. Coming from China (from the cows of the steppe), it arrived first in Mongolia and then in Eastern Europe, and finally in the land of Romagna. In 1876, in Lyon eight oxen were weighted: the heaviest weighted 801 kg, the less heavy, 700. In Paris, at the 20th Century World Exhibition, it obtained an official acknowledgement for its high livestock value. It inspired many artists, among the others Pascoli, Carducci, Guerra, Spallicci, and Marchini. Fortunately, its story goes on, since in the Park Municipalities its breeding continues, in order to guarantee the consumer a top quality.

Current Breeding Areas in the Park
Bagno di Romagna, Portico-San Benedetto, Premilcuore, San Godenzo, Santa Sofia, Tredozio.

Romagnola cow has a light grey coat, almost white, and is characterized by a considerable muscle development, in particular as far as forelimbs are concerned. It has black horns, or black at the top and yellow-white at their base, long and well-made; half-moon shaped in the oxen, lyre-shaped in the cows.

Product Seasonality
All year round.

The Producers
  Giuseppe Perini
Agricultural Holdings - Premilcuore (FC)
  Az. Agr. Biologica Dalia Rosano
Agricultural Holdings - Galeata (FC)
  Antonio Rabiti
Agricultural Holdings - Portico e San Benedetto (FC)
  Francesco Albani
Agricultural Holdings - Portico e San Benedetto (FC)
  Azienda agricola Prato di Tassinari Pietro
Agricultural Holdings - Premilcuore (FC)
  Cooperativa Acquacheta Rabbi
Agricultural Holdings - Premilcuore (FC)
  Emiliano Ceccarelli
Agricultural Holdings - Bagno di Romagna (FC)

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