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Ring-route 8. La Verna and Vallesanta

Badia Prataglia - Podere Santicchio - La Verna - Badia Prataglia

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora, Panorama, Religion, Hystory

A particular ring-route which allows hikers to reach the Verna Sacred Mount in the most beautiful and magnificent way, that is on foot: the warm welcome of Vallesanta's small villages, the arrival to the Monumental Forest and the view of the extraordinary rocks where the Sanctuary is situated will amaze even the most distracted hiker.

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La Verna Rock
La Verna Rock
La Verna
La Verna

First day. From Badia Prataglia many beautiful paths depart. The trail begins from behind the elementary school, in the village's center. It climbs among the houses and enters into the forest, which consists of chestnut trees and firs surrounding Campo dell'Agio.
On the other side of this clearing the trail is the No. 60. The beech forest appears later, when one reaches the Casella trench.
Then the rise becomes harder and ends in the ridge, from where one easily reaches Passo dei Lupatti on the right. From the opposite side of the forestry road (Lama) the path starts climbing again, and on the right, by the following crossroad, one heads for Poggio della Lombardona, wonderful panoramic point overlooking Mandrioli Pass.
Once reached the asphalted road and the famous mountain pass between Tuscany and Romagna, one takes the ridge path up to the first crossroad, where one will turn right to take the path 56 leading us out of the beech forest and into a fir forest, crossing a large pinewood and reaching the built-up area of Corezzo.
The descent goes on, and the slope becomes steeper from the moment one enters the protected area again and reaches the trench.  
Now the path goes uphill up to Frassineta, a small center overlooked by a church, and just in front of it one needs to enter the tiny village of Chiusi della Verna, to walk along the houses and to follow the street leading to an area including old abandoned fields and thick forests. By the mountain pass one remains on the left and follows another dirt road up to Poggio della Forca, where a small path swerves to the right and reaches Santicchio Farm.

Second day. The second day begins in the downhill street which crosses Podere Caggio and reaches Rimbocchi. One will find a quiet long stretch on the street leading to La Verna, but if the Corsalone stream is not swollen and one is in good-shape it is possible to take the alternative path 053 in Poggio Montopoli. If one has chosen to follow the street, after about one kilometer one can take the small street on the right which leads to Santa Fiora, and before reaching it the path turns left and climbs up to Podere Pratalino. La Verna is very near, but after the asphalted road there is another wonderful part of the forest to visit. It is the Ghiacciaia Forest, which keeps the very ancient ice warehouse of the monks in the shadow of its huge beech trees and of its luxuriant musks.
Covering the route counterclockwise, the arrival to the sanctuary is preceded by the wonderful view of the monastery on the summit of the reef. To climb up one needs to go on under the great rock and to walk the original access way called "della Beccia".
Once visited La Verna one can leave again soon or spend an hour to walk the upper ring of the Sacro Monte to reach the summit of the Mount Penna and enjoy the endless panorama. The way to go back departs from the hairpin curve after the parking areas of Melosa, completes the tour of the mount and takes hikers back to the crossroad of Sasso Cavallino and of Podere Pratalino. This time the descent to Corezzo can start on the left, entering Fosso della Croce, and crosses Siregiolo. From the asphalted road one turns right, and by the bridge above the Corsalone one follows the path 070 leading to Santicchio Farm.

Third day. On the third day the departure is on the way up, and by way of Poggio della Forca we easily reach the Bellaria mountain pass, from where - by turning right - one only needs to follow the comfortable small road going down to Frassineta. The small chapel with the bell marks the initial part of the path 073. Once reached the Quattro Vie mountain pass, the way to choose is the first one on the right, situated on the ridge and leading to Poggio della Cesta.
Badia Prataglia is near and  after some glades and a beautiful turkey oak forest one finds the first houses of Romito, then the bridge above the Archiano and the climb of the built-up area up to the Abbey. This ancient church, with its ultra-millennial crypt, is one of the things which are worth visiting. Behind the same building there is the Forestry Museum, and nearby also the Carlo Siemoni arboretum, where a huge sequoia stands out and where one can reach the National Park's Visitor Center from.

Involved structures: Cà Santicchio Holiday Farm (first and second day)

La Verna
La Verna
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