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"Nature Trails"

9 trails to discover the territory and nature of Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna National Park

"Sentieri natura"
The Nature Trails (Sentieri Natura) are a particular series of trails created by the Park. They are itineraries of a few kilometers, along which it is possible to discover and recognize territorial features (trees, rocks, traces of the animal presence) in a "self-guided" way.
The beginning of each trail is marked by the presence of a panel describing its features. The Park area includes nine Nature Trails, easily accessible, along which you will find some observation points marked by numbered poles.
Visitors may use a small and practical brochure-guidebook (for sale in the Visitor Centers or in the Park Info Points) leading to the discovery and interpretation of the main features of the environments they will cross. The descriptions deal with the geomorphological structure of the territory, the vegetation, the wildlife, and the history of the places. The brochures are made to be easy to use, and to this aim they deal with the issue with a didactic method. Therefore, they are addressed to schools, but also to not expert hikers who would like to rely on an instrument for a first approach to the territory.
The Nature Trails represent an invitation to observation and to a responsible approach to the protected area. The itineraries have been chosen for their proximity to busy and well known areas, and each develops a particular issue, so that it will be interesting to discover all of them.

"Nature Trails" by Nevio Agostini

Brochures "Sentieri natura"

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