The Mirror of the Woodland

Tour with snowshoes in Valle di Rhêmes

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Wildlife, Panorama
  • Departure: Loc. Chanavey (Rhêmes Notre Dame) presso Hotel Boule de Neige
  • Arrival: Laghetti di Pelaud nella Valle di Rhêmes (1,870m)
  • Duration: 1 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difference in height: 147m

A short tour leaves from Chanavey country hamlet, crossing the bridge on the torrent, and follows for long stretches the cross-country ski track you will not have to trample on. You will cross various different environments, and have the opportunity to observe some characteristic places: the larch and alder woodland along the stream, the villages of Oreiller and Bruil, almost entirely renovated respecting the characteristic mountain architecture, the offices of the Park Keepers in Bruil. Once you are in Bruil, the trail continues by running along Dora di Rhemes, with all its wonderful mountain torrent variable features, to meet a flight of steps that will give you the opportunity to go beyond a rocky wall and reach Chaudanne at first and then, bordering on the village, the area of Pellaud, with its stretches of water populated by trout and red frogs, surrounded by an isolated and luminous small woodland...
The larches and spruce firs framing the lower lake have also been protecting it for centuries: as a matter of fact, the small lake, which is an ephemeral lake, could not exist without the shade of the woodland enabling the life of common frogs and trout needing cold waters, while their branches welcome red squirrels, tits, woodpeckers, crossbills, and the marten. The upper lake houses the most ancient hydroelectric local plant of the valley, with the building date engraved on the lintel.

Main features:
- Gran Paradiso Park Visitor Center in Rhêmes Notre Dame
- villages of Oreiller, Bruil, Chaudanne, Pont, and Pellaud
- dairy in Bruil
- oven and mill in Chaudanne
- old hydroelectric local plant in Pellaud

Further information
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