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Jam (Preserves)

Jam (Preserves)
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

The Italian word marmellata derives from the Portuguese word marmelo, meaning quince (from the Greek melimelon "honey apple"); as a matter of fact, the ancient Greeks used to preserve quinces slowly cooking them with honey. According to several historical documents, jam was prepared already in the Middle Ages as it is prepared today.
According to a Community rule, today only the product obtained from the processing of citrus fruits can be called marmellata, while if it is made with other fruits, the right term is confettura (preserve).

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The Producers
  Agriturismo Amatrice
Agricultural Holdings - Amatrice (RI)
  L'Alpino di Claudia Di Gennaro
Others - Rocca Santa Maria (TE)
 Azienda Agricola Serafini di Monica Del Vecchio
Agricultural Holdings - Torricella Sicura (TE)
Agricultural Holdings - Corvara (PE)
 Associazione produttori Lenticchia di Santo Stefano di SessanioPina Soc. Agricola Semplice di Mara Iannessa
Agricultural Holdings - Castelvecchio Calvisio (AQ)

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