Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini



Honey, the "food of the Gods", is probably the most natural food, since it is entirely produced by bees starting from the flower nectar. According to the flower producing the nectar, honey acquires different colors, features, tastes, and names. For this reason, in the Park we can find acacia, chestnut, and mixed flower honey. To obtain a top-quality honey, it is essential to have an uncontaminated environment and several spontaneous flowers. Honey is the mirror of this territory, since it represents its large plateaus rich in leguminous plants and fodder plants and with a gentle climate, in spring-summer, favoring long-lasting bloomings.

The Producers
 Az. Agr. Il Massaro
Agricultural Holdings - Norcia (PG)
  Caio Coccia
Others - Norcia (PG)
  Monastero Benedettine Sant'Antonio Abate
Others - Norcia (PG)
  Cooperativa Ape dei Sibillini
Others - Preci (PG)
  Cooperativa Monti Azzurri
Others - Pievebovigliana (MC)
  Albino Cecchi
Others - Amandola (FM)
  Filippo Colibazzi
Others - Amandola (FM)
  Liliana Tosti Ibetti
Others - Montegallo (AP)

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