Cured Sausage

Cured Sausage
Cured sausage

Production features: It is produced with top-quality meat (shoulder and scraps of seasoned pork shoulder) cleaned from nerves and fat. Wild fennel and Senise sweet pepper are added to the mixture. Then the mixture is made into sausages and matures from 20 to 40 days.

  • Territory: Pollino National Park
  • Shape: characteristic U-shape
  • Size/Weight: 0,900-3,500 kilos, length 35-40 cm, thickness 3-5 cm
  • Consistency: soft
  • Production period: all year round
Further information

The Producers
  Agriturismo Arcomano
Agricultural Holdings - Chiaromonte (PZ)
  Sapori di Castelluccio
Others - Castelluccio Inferiore (PZ)
  Coop. Agricola La Ginestra
Agricultural Holdings - Viggianello (PZ)
  Agrocarne Sud
Agricultural Holdings - Latronico (PZ)
  Salumificio del Colle
Others - Mormanno (CS)

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