Pecorino cheese of Morano

Currently produced only in the town of Morano Calabro (CS), this cheese has ancient origins as evidenced by numerous documented accounts such as the quote contained in the "Nuova Enciclopedia Agraria", written by Achilles Bruni (1859). 

At Morano Calabro, an ancient medieval village in the heart of the Pollino National Park, farming has always played an important role in the local economy. In fact, since 1810 the sheep population, with a total of 12,300 heads, accounted for 16% of the animals present in the whole Hither Calabria.
According to researchers of the Inquiry of Agriculture 1877-1884, in the first decades after the unification of Italy Calabrian sheep's cheeses were very appreciated in the market of Naples. The wandering nature of sheep farming and the lack of a proper processing structures in the area prevented the creation of a cheese industry, for the benefit of the artisanal methods that have been preserved to this day. There are also many other varieties of pecorino cheese produced in Pollino. They are made exclusively with raw milk from animals raised on pasture, even up to 1000 meters above sea level.

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