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Lucanica sausage

The Lucanica, typical sausage made in a Basilicata area around the Picerno municipality, is more than a gastronomic product. It is the symbol and result of a Lucan peasant society strictly connected to the cult of the pig. A civilization which has managed to preserve their values and traditions recognised since Roman times to the point where this Lucan sausage's name has been brought to other Italian regions, such as Lombardy and Veneto.

Both the sweet and savoury Lucanica are horseshoe-shaped sausages, resembling a "U", which can be classified as lean, for their fat levels never go over 30%. In fact, from the clean and fat-free cuts, one obtains a not too fine-grained mixture, which, after salting, is seasoned with fennel seeds and - in the spicy version - with small flakes of chili powder. It is the typical sausage produced by the Lucans, following the respect brought by the tradition of treating pigs almost as family members and which was recognised by illustrious Roman authors such as Cicero, Varrone, Marziale and Apicio.

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