Il tempo della buzza

The "buzza" is river S. Bernardino in flood which, after collecting the waters of various streams from Val Grande, Val Pogallo, and Valle Intrasca, swollen by the hard rains, reaches its mouth at the lake, in Intra, rushing. The strength of the water was used to transport, through flotation, the timber coming from the forests to Intra, the collection, transformation, and distribution center, linked above all to Milan. Around the timber, the development of trade and activities requiring the work of two important categories: merchants and woodmen, called "boradori".
Later, the word "buzza" also meant "irregular" timber, that is timber of various size and consistency, with no owners, transported by the river in flood together with the "regular" timber that was controlled, measured, and with an ownership mark. The so-called "buzza", according to the tradition and the Statutes, could be collected by anyone: a free and guaranteed timber supply for the poor.
Silvano Carnesecchi (1922-2000), who can be considered one of the historians of the Village of Intra and Valle Intrasca, investigates, using his intuition and document (mainly contracts between merchants and woodmen), on various aspects and moments of the wood cutting, of timber flotation and trade. The documents inspired the events and protagonists he uses to tell the tale, from the Middle Ages to the late 19th century, of the "time of the buzza".
  • Series: DOCUMENTA
  • Author/s: Silvano Carnesecchi
  • Edited by: Gianni Pizzigoni
  • Publisher: Parco Nazionale Val Grande
  • ISBN: 9788897068006
  • Pages: 320
  • Size: 22x25.5cm
  • Year: 2011
  • Price: 14.00 €  
Il tempo della buzza
Il tempo della buzza
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