Prickly Lettuce Pizza

Prickly lettuce pizza was a traditional dish prepared at Christmas Eve, the day on which only a light meal was consumed, waiting for the banquet of the day after. Today it is prepared on many occasions, but still according to the traditional recipe which, besides prickly lettuce, provides for the use of chards, also called "jeta". In this case, the pizza is called "pizza con la jeta".

Production Area
All the Park Municipalities.

It is prepared washing and boiling prickly lettuce, a tasty vegetable of the endive variety, very cultivated in Campania. Once drained, prickly lettuce is fried in abundant oil with garlic or onion, powdered chili pepper, a salted anchovy and, in the coastal area, also capers and olives. Separately, it is necessary to prepare a bread dough that will be used as the base and covering for the lettuce: the upper stratum must be curled up along the edges and riddled with a fork. The pizza is baked in the oven until it achieves a golden color.

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