Visitor Centers

The Park Information Centers

These Centers are sometimes directly managed by the staff of Nebrodi Park and sometimes entrusted by the Park or the Municipalities to associations or other Authorities.

The Information Center typologies are the following:

  • Park Centers: structures managed by the Park Authority or other Authorities/associations offering services for the Park visit and environmental education services. They are characterized by large premises that can house exhibits, museums, exhibit halls, projection halls, classrooms and didactic material, etc. and by the offer of thematic activities (video projections, museum visits, conferences, meetings, didactic activities, etc.)
  • Information Points: structures managed by the Park Authority or other Authorities/associations exclusively offering front office services on the Park: in other words, they provide information and promotional material on Nebrodi Park.
  • Hiking Points: structures managed by the Park Authority or other Authorities/associations, situated in particular Park areas and offering information, hiking services, visiting services, and environmental education services. For instance, guided visits, thematic visits, outdoor didactic activities, hikes...

Tour on Rocche del Crasto
Tour on Rocche del Crasto
Visitor Center Location        
Griffin Fauna Museum

Mistretta (ME)    Wildlife
Palazzo Zito Palazzo Zito

Cesarò (ME)     
Stone-cutter Museum Stone-cutter Museum

Mistretta (ME)    Traditions
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