Service of 'Vigilanza Ecologica Volontaria'

The history and the particular location of Parco Nord Milano in the heart of a urban context make possible the existence of institutional relationships with the police forces (since 2002 there have been stables housing a team of the State Police on horseback and, during the busiest days, there is also a flying squad by Carabinieri), the establishment of a Surveillance Service, and a Service of "Vigilanza Ecologica Volontaria" made by volunteers. The latter has the task not only to constantly control the Park during the whole year, but also to carry out environmental monitoring, to intervene in case of natural disasters, to support parties and events organized by the Park Authority and addressed to everyone.

If Parco Nord has the possibility not to enclose its boundaries, this is thanks to everyone's help: in this way the Park is able to maintain the control over the territory, witnessing the positive result of its preventive work.

Environmental Education Service for Schools

The Park organizes every year a rich environmental education programme for kindergartens, elementary and intermediate schools, for all the schools of the Municipalities belonging to Consorzio: there will be more than a meeting during the school year.
It is possible to directly observe the work carried out in the schools through the web site and make proposals and suggestions.
The service is free.                                         

Further information

For information and bookings: Monday - Friday, from midday to 2.30 p.m.
Tel. +39 02 241016-1 - Contact: Mr. Massimo Urso

Cycle Racing Track

In spring 2004 the new Cycle Racing Track was inaugurated.
The access to the track is authorized only to cyclists with a membership card and only when the authorized staff is present. The membership card can be directly purchased at the Cycle Racing Track (1 Euro per entrance or an all-inclusive card of 10 Euros), during the opening hours and days, which can vary according to the month of the year and to the weather conditions.

Further information

'Green Chess' Service in the Park

In the Park there are two chess-boards in the open air, one built in the "rotonda dei ciliegi" and the other in the "rotonda dei meli da fiore", near the Cascina; to use these spaces it is enough to go to the Cascina Centro Parco with an identity document and the "giant chess-pieces" will be given to you. The service is free and it is guaranteed on Saturdays and Sundays: 9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.
The Park invites you to discover these places in spring by coming and see the games organized by the members of the "Circolo Scacchi Verdi" of Bresso.
The subscription is not required: it is enough to reach the place during the fixed times, until places are available.
A new way to "silently" experience an unusual corner of the Park, and to meet new people.
The programme will consist of chess lessons, blind-folded games, and simultaneous games with the players of Bresso.

Guided Visits with 'Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie'

On foot and by bike

With this initiative the Park wants to show the visitors the typical aspects of its own environments, by using the knowledge and the experience of the Service of "Vigilanza Ecologica Volontaria" which provides prevention, surveillance, sensitization and education activities. The service is active from March to October, with a guided visit every 15 days.
Free participation, with compulsory booking.
Maximum number of participants: 25.
The bicycles are at the expense of the participants.
Meeting: Cascina Centro Parco - Via Clerici, 150 - Sesto San Giovanni - 9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.
After a short general introduction about the project of the Park and its organization structure, there will be the visit along two different itineraries which have been prepared to appreciate the naturalistic, environmental, and historical aspects of Parco Nord and its landscape.
Visits will be cancelled in case of rain.

Information and bookings: Friday, 3.00 p.m./5.30 p.m. - Saturday and Sunday, 9.30 a.m./noon
Tel. +39 02 241016-214 - E-mail:

Service of Vegetable Garden Management for Elderly People

During the requalification interventions, Parco Nord Milano realized that there were a number of unauthorized vegetable gardens and dumps in the suburban areas, near the houses.
If on the one hand they had to be destroyed to requalify the area, on the other hand they concealed a need which couldn't be ignored. Already at the end of the 80s the first 35 vegetable gardens were established and since then five more have been prepared, and three more are on the program.
The vegetable gardens cover 50 square meters and are usually entrusted to two farmers: the original idea soon became a real service dedicated to the elderly people living in the area, at the price of 25,82 Euros per year.
With a few working tools, about 350 elderly persons currently cultivate the space they have been entrusted: it is necessary to remember that this presence, organized and managed according to specific Regulations (Italian text), is an useful instrument against degradation and illegal use of the Park marginal areas.
The service not only helps elderly people in the management of the vegetable gardens, but it also organizes parties and meetings about the management of the common area.

A Park for Everyone...

Since the Park is situated in the plain and has the features of a metropolitan belt, it is always accessible to people with disabilities.
In particular, the foot-bridges have a maximum steepness of 5%, under the limits established by the law.
The Visitor Center is situated on the ground floor and has suitable services for people with disabilities.
Within the Park there are 2 self-cleaning toilets which are accessible to people with disabilities (2 of the six existing).
There is also a fountain which can easily be used by people with disabilities.
The parking areas have reserved spaces for people with disabilities, who can use them free of charge also in holidays.
During the Sundays of "Feste in Cascina", the Service of "Vigilanza Ecologica Volontaria del Parco Nord" is available for guides and transport of people with disabilities who cannot walk, so that they can reach the places where the events are held (Tel. +39 02 241016214 - every day from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.).

Environmental Services

Surveillance service, every day Monday - Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. - Tel. +39 02 241016-215
Service of "Vigilanza Ecologica Volontaria", every day including Saturday and Sunday: 2.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m. - Tel. +39 02 241016214
Maintenance service (no. 18 workmen for the management of the green spaces, no. 7 tractors to mow the lawn, specialized operators having an agreement with the Park)
Cleaning service of the green spaces (365 days a year)

Free Spaces and Equipment

The Park is always open to citizens and no entrance tickets are necessary.
Visiting it means enjoying a great green area, where different structures for the spare time are harmoniously included.
The only "entrance ticket" we require regards the knowledge of the Park Regulations, in order to respect other people and nature: since we believe that the natural environments and the peacefulness we breathe are the most precious values we have.
We wanted to build several equipped areas open to everyone, since a park experienced by people is above all a park that is alive.

Further information

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