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Mìel di rasabèch (Rhododendron Honey)

Mìel di rasabèch (Rhododendron Honey)
Mìel di rasabèch (Rhododendron)
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Mìel di rasabèch is produced in June and is obtained from the nectar of the rhododendron flowers growing in the mountains (Crèl, San Martino, Néve-Mezzano).

Production Area: Primiero - Trentino

Processing, conservation, and maturation methods
Bees are brought to the mountains at the beginning of the flowering time, with the empty honeycombs. At the end of the flowering time, the frames full of honey are taken out and honey is extracted with the honey extractor (a sort of stainless steel spinner). Honey is filtered with a fine-knit net to eliminate impurities. It is then stored in stainless steel containers and left standing for about one month at room temperature. Afterwards, it is put into glass jars. This kind of honey, characterized by a light color, almost transparent, crystallizes in very thin grains, has a particularly delicate taste and a creamy consistency.

Materials and equipment used for the preparation and storage
Stainless steel honey extractor and ripening machine, net filter, and glass jars.

In a cool and dry place for some years, even if it should be preferably consumed within one year.

Documents witnessing the presence of this kind of honey date back to 1843: as a matter of fact, in a letter written by don Fuganti to Trento Agricultural Company, he stresses that there were over seventy beekeepers in the valley and that they respected a special set of rules in order to obtain good results and very good incomes.

Tissot L., Dizionario Primierotto, 1976 (1995) at the entry: MIÈL

The Producers
  Pietro Orler
Others - Pieve Transacqua (TN)

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