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Upper Ring-route of the Gullies of the Langa

On foot         

    The upper ring-route of the Langa is characterized by the use of yellow pictograms with the numbers =5= and =6=. It is a ring-route of about 10 km, developing along the trail connecting the upper country hamlets of the Park, in which the use of the stone of the Langa characterizes the landscape and all the rural buildings it houses. It is a trail that has in the localities ERCHE, CASE TAPPE, BERTORELLI, and CASE LANGA on the one hand and VILLARELLO on the other hand, the examples of a still intact and productive rural territory.
    The route develops among the high and woody banks of Rio Micheletto and Rio Bardolato, with a difference of height of 360 meters.
    The recommended departure point lies in loc. TAGLIO (305m asl), near the bus terminus (where you can park your car), from where it leaves following the road signs indicating: "ERCHE" and going ahead always on the main road which is an asphalt road in its initial stretch and then becomes a dirt road after the last rural settlement of Erche Soprane (354m asl).
    From here, continue to climb in the big green lung of the Park (always keeping the main trail) and reach the barns of CASE TAPPE (530m asl), where you can admire ancient chestnut trees, including a monumental tree situated near the trail and marked by a little label.
    After leaving this small settlement cut into the mountainside, the bottom of the trail becomes bitumen again (even if very worn) and continues by crossing loc. BERTORELLI (568m asl). After touching the farmstead and its fixtures (after which the country hamlet has been named), always keep the main road and turn (at the next four junctions) always left. The first junction lies at 80m from these houses, the second one lies on the ridge (where you will enjoy the view of the Alps and Mt. Rosa chain) and leads to the few barns of CASE LANGA (638m) situated along the road and from which you will go downhill taking the third junction (always on the left) along SP road 29, direction TODOCCO. From here, follow the SP road for about 350m, and turn left again (for the fourth time) to take a dirt road next to a house called "la casetta dei nanetti" (the house of the dwarfs) leading to loc. VILLARELLO (578m asl). Once you reach the country hamlet on the ridge, turn right at the Small Chapel you will find at the crossroads. From here, the road becomes an asphalt road. Follow it for about 600m until, at a road elbow, you will abandon it to follow the route along a dirt road leading to San Massimo Parish Church leading down to the town named after the Saint Patron. The itinerary continues then on the right along SP 29 for about 1,500m towards CORTEMILIA until you reach a crossroads (the one from which you came from) leading to SEROLE- CASE LANGA and then to BERTORELLI and, as you go ahead,… up to TAGLIO.


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