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Two regions, four provinces, and about fifty Municipalities. The Tourist Area of the Po River Park begins from the protected area and extends to the adjacent lands, with history, traditions, and environments strictly linked to the big river. During the clear spring days, the view of the rice fields you can enjoy is unrepeatable, with Monferrato Hills suspended on a "checkered sea" and the alpine chain dominated by Mt. Rosa on the background. The diffusion of the rice cultivation along the Po Plain is linked to the considerable availability of water supplied by the alpine snow and the wits of the people who have been able to build a perfect irrigation network. In the Po Plain, vegetable growing has points of excellence, above all in the alluvial area, where the vegetables achieve top-quality features. The historical Piagera market is the direct sale reference point for the agricultural holdings of Moncestino, Gabiano, and Villamiroglio situated at the foot of the hills. On the left bank, in Crescentino, the cultivation of Saluggia bean is widespread. In the plain of Casalese area, Villanova Monferrato, Frassineto Po, and Borgo San Martino offer further traditional vegetables; at the borders with Tortonese area on the one side and Lombardy on the other side, several kinds of vegetables alternate with cereal cultivations.
Along the left bank of the river Po, in the hilly area of Camino, Casale Monferrato, Coniolo, Gabiano, Moncestino, Pontestura, and Villamiroglio, the vineyards - although with their reduced size - enable the production of some DOC wines. Here vineyards alternate with seed plots, meadows, forests, and small orchards, shaping a variegated landscape highlighting the gentleness of the hills. Soils and climate favor the cultivation of red wines, however in the latest years some white grapes have been introduced. A very limited production in the territory, without a doubt not competing with other areas in Piedmont which are famous for this kind of agriculture, fruit growing combines with other activities in several holdings and has been able to find a place in local markets and in the direct sale. Besides horticultural products, in the plain and in the hills of Moncestino and Gabiano, some orchards of medium size produce apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, and apples. They are often mixed orchards, with more species in the same plot, often fragmented and almost always far from the center of agricultural holdings.
Another area interested by fruit growing is Rivarone, with the historical homonymous Early Cherry Variety. Not by chance, the latter and the ancient cultivars of Monferrato apples have been included in the traditional agri-foodstuffs of Regione Piemonte.

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