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On foot         

    The itinerary along Morbasco leaves from Bosco ex Parmigiano. In via Poderetto, after crossing the bridge over Cavo Cerca, flowing here into Morbasco, you currently reach a specialized poplar wood on the left bank of Morbasco.
    In via Roma, beyond the bridge over Morbasco, the carriage bank runs along the right bank up to Boscone farmstead, already situated outside the Park of Gerre de Caprioli. Following the bank of Morbasco, you get in via del Sale in Cremona.
    From Bosco ex Parmigiano, via Landi leads to the river Po. Once you have reached the last houses, a bank covered with grass runs along Morbasco and follows it along the left bank to the highway bridge. On the right there is the Park border and the urban area. Between the bank and the watercourse there are lands covered with meadows, uncultivated lands, small poplar woods, stretches of riparian wood with thick shrub vegetation.

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