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A Park covering a small section of the Province of Parma and including part of the town outskirts is without a doubt a Park offering not only delicious, but also famous cheese and cold cuts. As a matter of fact, here Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and a wide range of cold cuts and sausages are produced: the famous Parma raw ham and coppa, San Secondo shoulder ham, and strolghino. However, along the banks of the river Taro, climate and soil also favor the cultivation of vegetables, among which a particular onion variety, the so-called Dorata di Parma: big, with a golden yellow color and a strong and intense taste.


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Coppa of Parma
Maybe less famous than the homonymous PDO from Piacenza, it is a raw-processed cold cut consisting of pork cervical muscles, part of the neck and the shoulder. The meat is flavored with salt and pepper and, after eight or ten days, with garlic and wine...
Category: Cold Cuts
Parma Ham PDO
The production area includes the territory of the Province of Parma in the south of Via Emilia, at an altitude of no more than 900 meters. The ham must be obtained from the fresh legs of national pigs of the Large White, Landrace, or Duroc breeds, weighing...
Category: Cold Cuts
This cooked salami has been named after the small town of Lower Parmense area where it has been produced since the Middle Ages. Today the production - partly still handmade, but produced above all industrially - involves all the Lower Po Plain, Langhirano,...
Category: Cold Cuts
Characteristic of the Province of Parma, it is a salami boasting an ancient tradition. It has a few spices or not at all, and it is eaten when it's fresh. It is prepared with the scraps of pork legs used to make hams, minced not too thinly and mixed...
Category: Cold Cuts
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