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It is a very green cheese, characteristic of the area of Belluno. It is usually eaten fried in the pan with butter and salt. Its name derives from the fact that, while cooking, it spurts (in Italian, schizza) drops of whey. It is produced with fresh raw milk, whole or skimmed, coagulated in about 20/40 minutes at 35°C.
The curd is broken into grains of the size of a corn and, after a fast cleaning, is put into square or rectangular moulds. It is eaten when it is green, and salting takes place at the moment of the cooking. The cheese, very soft, has an intense milk fragrance, but it is not very tasty because there is no salt in the texture.
It has been included in the list of the Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs of Regione Veneto, according to what established with DM 350/99.

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