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    Honey (PN Vesuvio) (photo by PN Vesuvio)


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Quality Brands

History Nocillo has very ancient origins and its preparation is characterized by an accurate and al... >>
(PN Vesuvio)
Liquors and Distilled beverages
History In the woodlands of Somma Vesuvio, one of the best honey of Italy is produced. Honey is a pr... >>
(PN Vesuvio)
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin
Piennolo Cherry Tomato of Vesuvius PDOPiennolo Cherry Tomato of Vesuvius PDO
History Without a doubt, the cultivation of Piennolo Cherry Tomato on the slopes of Vesuvius has anc... >>
(PN Vesuvio)
Vegetables and Legumes
   Stockfish and Dried Salted Cod
History The stockfish and dried salted cod processing probably dates back between the late 16th cent... >>
(PN Vesuvio)
History The tradition of pasta production in Naples and province dates back to the last decades of t... >>
(PN Vesuvio)
Rice Pasta and Cereals
Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOCLacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC
History The wine of Vesuvius is a product playing an important role in the national and internationa... >>
(PN Vesuvio)

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