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The Contest Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria

2015 Edition

Busalla, 17 July 2015

The Contest "Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria" 2015 Edition is open for all the beekeepers working in the municipalities of the Ligurian Parks. The honey-pots which will be analyzed by the panel of judges must be delivered within 1st September.

Even this year the successful Contest "Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria - 2015 Edition" will take place. The contest is open for all those beekeepers who work in the municipalities within the Parks Alpi Liguri, Antola, Aveto, Beigua, Cinque Terre, Montemarcello-Magra, Piana Crixia, Portofino or those who own some apiaries in the areas connected with the parks and registered in the list of the Region Liguria.
The beekeepers who are interested in knowing and improving the quality of their own products, and who would like to take part in the competition, will have the opportunity to gain important information through the assessment of the characteristics of the honey samples which will be subjected for free to physicochemical analysis at the "Regional Laboratory for the Analysis of the Soil and of the agri-food Products in Sarzana". Moreover, the samples will be also subjected to organoleptic analysis by a panel of judges members of the National Register of Experts in Sensory Analysis of Honey.
The beekeepers who intend to take part in the contest "Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria - 2015 edition" must collect the pots for the honey samples and give them back within next 1st September.
The final phase of the contest and the award ceremony, with the related conference to talk about the results, will take place on Sunday 22nd November 2015 in the Antola Park, in Savignone (GE). For further information: ph. +39 010 9761014

Deadline: 1st September 2015

- PDF Invitation letter (pdf - 223Kb)
- PDF Regulation (pdf - 183Kb)
- PDF Participation sheet (pdf - 136Kb)



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