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The Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria Contest

2019 Edition

Created with the aim of promoting and enhancing Ligurian honey and increasing its quality by verifying the chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics, the "Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria" Contest is aimed at beekeepers who operate in the protected areas of the Liguria Region.
The competition, established for the first time in 1999 and promoted by the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Genoa, is today the result of a positive collaboration between the Liguria Region, the Regional Parks of the Ligurian Alps, Antola, Aveto, Beigua, Montemarcello-Magra, Piana Crixia and Portofino, the Cinque Terre National Park.
The 2019 edition is coordinated by the Beigua Park, which started the sample collection phase to be analysed at the Regional Laboratory for Analysis of Soils and Plant Production in Sarzana, in order to verify compliance with the requirements of the Contest rules. The admitted champions will then be evaluated by the Jury of tasters enrolled in the National Register of Experts in Sensory Honey Analysis chaired by Elena Molinelli, technical manager of the Contest, lecturer and expert in beekeeping.
In addition to being a product promotion and enhancement tool, the competition is therefore also an opportunity for beekeepers to learn about and see the characteristics of their products rewarded.
The final day of the contest, with the experts' interventions and the awards for the best honeys, will be held at the Beigua Park House in Sassello, in the Deiva Forest, on Sunday 24 November.

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