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    Short-toed snake eagle (PN Val Grande) (photo by Archivio Parco Nazionale Val Grande)

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Short-toed snake eagleChamois, birds of prey and Alpine insects of Val Grande National Park
A great choice for hikers, naturalist and photographers that want to explore the largest wilderness area of the Alps
(PN Val Grande)
Malesco (VB)
Alpe ScarediMalesco28854Italy
12 Jul 2012 Jul 20
Zero Impact Nature Camp
Naturalistic, hiking and eco-sustainable stay in the mountain pasture inside the Val Grande National Park, to discover the protected area through excursions and activities on biodiversity and to experience a sustainable lifestyle
(PN Val Grande)
Intragna (VB)
Miazzina (VB)
Cossogno (VB)
Alpe Pian di BoitIntragna28816Italy
from 16 Jul
to 19 Jul 20
 The tales of Trontano
(PN Val Grande)
Trontano (VB)
18 Jul 2018 Jul 20
Rifugio ParpinascaBetween mountain farmers and winemakers in Val Grande
hike with tasting session
(PN Val Grande)
Trontano (VB)
Trontano e Rifugio ParpinascaTrontano28859Italy
1 Aug 20 1 Aug 20
Alpine chamois safari
Two-days alpine hiking safari to observe and discover the biology of the Alpine chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)
(PN Val Grande)
Cossogno (VB)
Intragna (VB)
Miazzina (VB)
Val PogalloCossogno28801Italy
from 31 Oct
to 1 Nov 20

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