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    PGI rice of the Po Delta (PR Delta Po Veneto) (photo by PR Delta Po Veneto)


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Po Delta MelonPo Delta Melon
The Po Delta Melon has a scented yellow-orange pulp rich in seeds. It is one of the summer fruits pa... >>
(PR Delta Po Veneto)
Po Delta HoneyPo Delta Honey
For a few years now the small center of Cà Cappellino in Porto Viro has become a reference point fo... >>
(PR Delta Po Veneto)
   Adriano Polesano Garlic
Garlic is a vegetable that has found in Polesine an ideal temperate climate for its cultivation: as ... >>
(PR Delta Po Veneto)
Vegetables and Legumes
   Valliera Sweet Potato
The sweet potato (Batatata) is a root vegetable with a whitish pulp becoming soft and sweet when it ... >>
(PR Delta Po Veneto)
Vegetables and Legumes
 Scardovari Mussels and Clams
Mussels harvesting has developed since the 1960s in Sacca degli Scardovari, situated between Po di G... >>
(PR Delta Po Veneto)
  Po Delta RicePo Delta Rice
Rice is cultivated in the Po Delta from time immemorial: as a matter of fact, the land interested by... >>
(PR Delta Po Veneto)
Rice Pasta and Cereals
BIO - Organic Farming
 Cider and Organic Apple Juice

(PR Delta Po Veneto)
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