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The bivouacs...
The Park bivouacs in Val Bratica
The Park bivouacs in Val Bratica
To spend your holidays surrounded by nature...

In Val Bratica, in the heart of the Park, and in a territory of considerable environmental and historical value and with a precious landscape, the Park has recently created an area aimed at housing new tourist accommodation structures.
At about 1,000 meters a.s.l., surrounded by the beautiful chestnut grove extending itself downhill the town of Casarola (in the Municipality of Monchio delle Corti) and along the agriculture itinerary, 4 small and valuable stone buildings have been restructured by maintaining their original architectonic and building features: they were used in the past to dry chestnuts (dryhouses) or as a shelter for the agricultural implements (the so-called "metati").

If you want to visit Val Bratica by going along its paths and by spending the night in the Park bivouacs, you can buy at the price of 1 Euro a useful leaflet with the hiking map of the paths and the relative detailed info.

Two of these buildings have been transformed into bivouacs (for a total of 8 beds) housing hikers, wilderness-loving people, or simply those looking for a direct and authentic manner to experience nature... inside the nature.
They are "managed" bivouacs, and therefore to use them it is necessary to book and to pay a management contribution (covering the cost of the cleaning, maintenance, the consumption of electric energy...).

The Bivouacs
Since during the restoration the Park wanted to maintain in full details the original building and architectonic features, both bivouacs have walls and roof made with sandstone: as a matter of fact, particular attention was paid to the materials used, which are those of the typical local tradition: timber and stone. A beautiful panel placed on the outer walls of the bivouacs illustrates the aim and the stage of this delicate and complex intervention of restoration and enhancement.

Inside, the simple structure, furnishing, and tools recall the goal and the "philosophy" of a bivouac, that is welcoming and offering a shelter for the night to those people who love living in direct contact with nature.

The outfit - the same in the two bivouacs - includes: 2 bunk beds (4 beds, with mattresses, pillows, and free blankets on request), a table with two benches, shelves to leave luggage, an open loft with ladder to leave luggage, a descriptive panel of Cento Laghi Park, electric lighting (inside and outside), a beautiful and functional wood stove, and an electric torch.
The stay in the bivouacs also entitles to the use of the toilets, built inside another small building situated nearby and provided with bath, shower, washbasins, water heater, a small heating system, and running water (not fit for drinking).

The bivouac called "alto" is situated on a natural terrace and surrounded by a centuries-old fruit chestnut grove, from where you can enjoy a great view over Val Bratica and the Groppo Sovrano, a wonderful rocky wall where a couple of Golden Eagles can be often sighted.
The bivouac called "basso" is situated a few meters downhill, always along the Agriculture Itinerary, exactly in front of an area equipped with tables, benches, and barbecue.
Prices, Timetable, Rules, and Service

The contributions required for the year 2021 are the following:

  • 1 person = 22,00 Euros
  • 2 persons = 15,00 Euros/person
  • 3 persons = 13,00 Euros/person
  • 4 persons = 12,00 Euros/person
  • Additional fee for bivouacs' sanitisation = 10.00 euro

Children under 5 years of age do not pay.
You can stay for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.
You can use the bivouac from 2.00 p.m. of the day of the arrival and leave it within 10.00 a.m. of the day of the departure.
When the manager hands in the keys, he/she will register the names of all the guests and will keep the identity document of at least one person until you give the keys back. Everyone must respect the bivouac and the rules of its use; should its use not respect the rules, the Park and the manager will be exempted from the responsibility for any damage caused to persons and/or things.
In order to help us to improve the service, we have prepared an easy questionnaire that will be submitted by the manager: please, fill it in and return in the special box.

The Toilets
Nearby the two bivouacs, another dryhouse has been restructured and transformed into a toilet room provided with toilets, showers, running water (not fit for drinking), water heater, lighting, and small heating system.
This structure will be exclusively used by the guests staying in the bivouacs; no additional price is required for its use.
During the winter, to avoid the damages that low temperatures can cause to the piping system and to the water pumping system, the toilet will not be available. The manager will have the possibility to decide the date of suspension of the service, according to the weather conditions.
The ECO Label: Environmental Quality Award
In February 2009 the Bivouacs have obtained the ECO Certification, that is the Environmental Quality Label awarded to the tourist structures within the Protected Areas of the Province of Parma distinguishing themselves for the respect of strict eco-sustainability rules. The Bivouacs have obtained the certification thanks to their commitment to energy and water saving, the waste reduction and correct management, and the enhancement of the environmental, cultural, and social heritage characterizing the area.

We ask to the guests staying at the bivouacs to be "eco-tourists" and share our commitment to environment and sustainability, with a few and easy behaviors and following the advice of the manager and the notices they will find in the structure.
Moreover, we ask our guests to fill in and give us back the ECO Questionnaire which, through a few and easy questions, will give us the opportunity to improve our service and evaluate the efficacy of our environmental policies.
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