Rifugio Serafino Gnutti
inside the park Parco dell'Adamello
Val Miller m. 2166, 25050, Sonico (BS)
Tel: 0364/72241, Mobile: 339/7477766, rifugiognutti@libero.it, www.rifugiognutti.it
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Val Miller
Climbing in Val Miller
CAI Brescia Serafino Gnutti Mountain Hut in Val Miller 2,166m - Sonico (BS)
Location: Val Miller, near the homonymous small lake.
Owner: Cai Brescia
Management: Madeo Gianluca - mobile +39 339 7477766
Tel. Mountain Hut: +39 0364 72241
E-mail: rifugiognutti@libero.it (in the opening period, it is better to contact and book by phone, and not via e-mail)
Beds: 34, two dormitories with 12 beds each and a room with 10 beds.
Winter premises: at 50m from the mountain hut, 4 beds.
Opening period: from mid-June to mid-September.
Access: from Ponte del Guat, by car from Rino di Sonico or Malonno, take trail no. 23 for about 2 hours' walk. By train, from Brescia, you can reach Malonno or Edolo with the railway line http://www.lenord.it/
or, if you come from Milan and Bergamo, you can take the SAB line Milan-Pontedilegno: http://www.bergamotrasporti.it/
From Malonno or Edolo, to reach Val Malga up to the beginning of the path, online information at http://www.gelmi.com/
Major climbing activities:
Mt. Adamello (3,539m), 5 hours; Ugolini Bivouac at Adamello Pass (3,240m); Cima Plem (3,182m); Corno Miller (3,373m); Corno di Cevo (2,750m); Corno del Cristallo (2,988m).
Major Traverses: Tonolini Mountain Hut, trail no 1 (Alta Via dell'Adamello), across Gatto Pass and Baitone Mountain Hut; Tonolini Mountain Hut across Cristallo Pass following trail no. 23 and then no. 31; Prudenzini Mountain Hut, trail no. 1 (Alta Via dell'Adamello), across Miller Pass.
The Mountain Hut
Serafino Gnutti Mountain Hut is situated in the wild Val Miller, eastern tributary of Val Malga, in Adamello Park. Parking your car at loc. Ponte del Guat and taking trail no. 23, you can reach it in about 2 hours' walk passing through the famous "Scale del Miller". It is the youngest Mountain Hut of CAI Brescia. Originally, it was a building housing the keepers of the Enel dam. Afterwards, it was renovated and inaugurated in September 1975: it was dedicated to the Gold Medal Serafino Gnutti, sub-lieutenant of Alpini fallen in Albania in 1941. Over the years it has been enlarged and improved, and now offers an adequate accommodation service characterized by a warm and homely atmosphere. The restaurant hall offers about 60 indoor seats, plus further twenty seats in the outdoor picnic area. The small but cosy structure, situated in a domesticated corner of the valley, lies in an enchanting position near Miller Lake, where it reflects itself in particularly clear days. From the Mountain Hut, it is possible to admire an amphitheater of summits, including Adamello Pass with its white stretch of Pian di Neve.

Mountaineering, Climbing, Hiking
The Mountain Hut is well-known as a departure point for the most direct access to Adamello Summit; Terzulli equipped trail is an exciting climbing route developing in a harsh and wonderful environment opening in the spectacular view of Pian di Neve. Another without a doubt interesting climbing route leads to Cima Plem across Cristallo Pass. Moreover, it is also possible to carry out easier tours to discover the small lakes and waterfalls offered by Val Miller in its silence and uncontaminated nature.
If you love climbing, there are brand new trails, recently opened among the granites of the valley. A few minutes from the mountain hut, there are various sites with single-rope sports itineraries, together with classical or modern climbing routes with multiple ropes. The maps of the climbing sites are available in the mountain hut or can be found at www.adamellothehumantouch.it
Tour also for Families with Children
Ring-route Val Malga - Val Miller - Gatto Pass - Conca del Baitone - Val Malga touching the following stops: Val Malga Mountain Hut, loc. Ponte Faet; Premassone Refreshment Point, loc. Premassone; Gnutti Mountain Hut, loc. Val Miller; Baitone Mountain Hut, loc. Lago Baitone; Tonolini Mountain Hut, loc. Conca Baitone and return on foot along Val Malga.

Stefano Gnutti Mountain Hut has obtained the Marchio collettivo del Parco

Weather forecast
Weather Sonico
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Sunday 17 Partly cloudy -2 4 NNW 21 km/h
Monday 18 Sunny -2 3 N 11 km/h
Tuesday 19 Few clouds -1 6 WNW 13 km/h
Wednesday 20 Rain and snow 1 4 WSW 13 km/h
Thursday 21 Heavy rain 2 4 S 15 km/h
Friday 22 Heavy rain 3 5 SSW 4 km/h
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