Local taste

The great biodiversity of the UNESCO Biosphere is mirrored in the variety of its culinary products. Throughout the centuries, the local population has been able to invent products and recipes that now constitute a veritable culinary heritage and the focus of several events.

Near Lake Garda and the 46th parallel north, which is the world's northern limit for  permanent olive cultivation, high-quality Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil is produced on spectacular, sunny terraces. At higher elevation, olive trees are replaced by vineyards, producing wines and spirits awarded with the DOC Trentino label.

Pranzo marrons, Storo corn, Lomaso and Ledro mountain potatoes and Bleggio chestnuts (Slowfood Presidium) are further local treats. Fruit cultivation is fairly widespread, both with traditional varieties of apple, pear, plum and peach, and with berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries).

The dairy industry contributes to the production of Spressa delle Giudicarie DOP, Trentingrana DOP, and other types of cheese, including goat cheese, made by expert dairymen and women in Ledro, the Giudicarie and Chiese. 

Meat processing results in original products such as Ciuiga del Banale (Slowfoof presidium), Tenno salted meat ("carne salada") and other types of sausages in Ledro and the Giudicarie. Fresh fish comes from the lakes Garda and Ledro and from the streams, whereas fish breeding contributes trouts and Arctic chars.


Several events and folk festivals throughout the year contribute to promoting local products and traditional dishes. A very special one is the Upvivium festival - Biosfera gastronomica a km 0 - promoted by Alpi Ledrensi-Judicaria Biosphere together with the Delta del Po and Appennino Biospheres. Further important culinary events include Vacanze con Gusto del Garda Trentino, as well as the numerous fest and festivals promoting local specialties.

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