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Bergeggi Island

Marine Cave
Marine Cave

The coastal stretch between Bergeggi and Spotorno has a varied morphology alternating small beaches and short promontories to overhanging cliffs, in which the sea dug some small caves.
In front of it, not too far from the mainland, there is the small Island of Bergeggi, a suggestive cone of calcareous rock reaching 53 meters of height. The island and the rocky coast facing it are part of Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve since 1985.
It seems that in ancient times the island was linked to the coast by a narrow rocky tongue, which was afterwards destroyed by the wave motion. Nowadays it is rocky and overhanging, only partly covered by Mediterranean vegetation. Among the most interesting vegetal species there are the Campanula sabatia, exclusive of western Liguria and the spurge (Euphorbia dendroides), a shrub which loses its leaves at the beginning of summer and recovers them in autumn.
The island of Bergeggi preserves considerable historical and archaeological evidences. On the top of it there are the ruins of military and religious buildings dating back to different epochs. The most ancient buildings were probably built during the late Roman period. In the highest point of the island the basis of a massif cylindrical building are preserved: it probably was a watchtower or a lighthouse built for the nearby port of Vada Sabatia (the current Vado Ligure).
In the Middle Ages, the island of Bergeggi, like the other small Ligurian islands, was for a long time the seat of monastic communities. The ruins of a small early Christian church dating back to the 5th-6th century and the larger ones of a two-aisle Roman building dating back to the 11th century are an evidence. The remains of a square-based tower also date back to the Middle Ages, while the circular building nearby is likely to be Roman.
In front of the tower, on the mainland, there is a similar tower, the tower of Ere, which was part of the same defensive system.

Province: Savona Region: Liguria

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