Riserva Naturale Boschi del Giovetto di Paline

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An Active Conservation of the Environment

In the Reserve, traditional timber production and grazing activities - suitably ruled by an accurate technical planning - allow an active conservation of the environment. In order to promote a more detailed knowledge of the rich natural reality of the protected area, various studies and researches are being carried out; moreover, guided visits, exhibits, publications, and so on are promoted.

Useful Information

Borno Town Hall (BS)
Piazza Umberto, 12
Tel. +39 0364 41000

Pro-Loco Borno (Local Tourist Board)
Viale Giardini, 3
Tel. +39 0364 41022

CAI of Borno
Viale Giardini, 3
Tel. +39 0364 41022
Azzone Town Hall
Piazza Caduti e Dispersi (BG)
Tel. +39 0346 54001
National Forest Service
Via F. Pizzoli - Borno
Tel. +39 0364 41009
Vilminore di Scalve Tourist Office
Piazza giustizia
Tel. and Fax +39 0346 51002
Consorzio Forestale Pizzo Camino
Piazza Umberto, 12
Tel. +39 0364 41000
Schilpario Tourist Office
Piazza card. Maj
Tel. and Fax +39 0346 55059
web site:

When to Visit the Reserve

Spring is the best season to enjoy the luxuriant blooming of the pastures and the awakening of the ant-nests.
Most of the activities are concentrated in summer: herds and flocks are grazing, woodcutters are engaged in their job, tourists are looking for some relax, and frantic ants are searching everywhere for food.
In autumn, the tepid air is quiet and colors are richly shaded. It is the ideal period for relaxing walks and for the observation of ants - not as frantic as usual - still preparing their nests for the winter.
In winter, human rhythms can more easily adequate to the resting nature. Silence is sometimes interrupted by some rustling, and there are everywhere traces to decode.

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