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Malcesine is without a doubt interesting to visit in order to discover its art, culture, and the splendor of the palaces of the great Renaissance families from towns like Verona, Mantua, Venice, Vicenza, Ferrara and other towns which are not less interesting, since they are all rich in history going from the dawn of civilization until present times.

Scaligero Castle
The halls within the Castle house the interesting Museum of Natural History of Monte Baldo and Garda with several finds and illustrated tables of the endemic floral and wildlife species of the Garda territory.
One of the halls, the former powder store built by the Austrian people, is dedicated to Goethe and in it there are on display some drawings reproducing views of the lake and of the castle of Malcesine made by the poet on the occasion of his "journey to Italy".
The visit to the Castle offers not only a cultural and relaxing moment, but it also gives the opportunity to observe from the artillery platform called 'revelino' and above all from the summit of the tower a complete and fascinating view of the whole territory, a great view which will remain impressed in your memory.

The Cableway
Malcesine, for its position, the climate, and the beauty of its places is the favorite destination of people fond of several sport activities and spare time. The new cableway was inaugurated in July 2002, and it gives the opportunity to reach in a short time the summit of Baldo where hikers and flora-lovers can go along the paths and where mountain-bike riders can test the power of their muscles along the steep ridges and then throw themselves into dizzy and breathtaking descents.


Mt. Baldo

Mt. Baldo is the westernmost mountain chain of Prealpi Venete. It is delimited in the north by Loppio Valley, in the west by Garda Lake, in the East by Lagarina Valley, and in the south by the Caprino basin and by the morainic amphitheater of Rivolti. It extends itself in direction NNE-SSO for over 30 km with summits of over 2,200 meters above sea-level.
The mountain is divided between Venetia and Trentino, and consists of two different parts: Mt. Baldo itself goes from Punta San Vigiglio to Bocca Navene, and Mt. Altissimo di Nago, going from Bocca Navene up to Sella di Loppio.
The western and eastern sides are steep and wild and rise very steep over Garda Lake and Adige Valley. In the south the chain reaches Lumini basin and gently descends in the west up to Punta San Vigiglio, and in the east, up to Piana di Caprino. On the contrary, in the north the sides are steep and height, and reach the depression of Loppio-Nago.

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