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Surface Area: 130,11 ha
Provinces: TO
Establishment: 1990
  • Le Vallere Nature Reserve (photo by Andrea Miola)
  • Le Vallere Recreational Area (photo by Andrea Miola)
  • Le Vallere Recreational Area (photo by Andrea Miola)

A Nature Sanctuary between Turin and Moncalieri, where Torrent Sangone Flows into River Po

Established with the regional law no. 37 of 9th December 1982, this Recreational Area has become part of river Po protected areas in 1990. Le Vallere Recreational Area covers 130 hectares (out of which 34 of regional property) and is situated at the confluence between torrent Sangone and river Po, in the municipal territories of Moncalieri and, for a little stretch, of Turin.
As far as the wildlife is concerned, it is important to mention the presence of the European Green Toad. In the past the area was exclusively used as a grazing land. Today, if on the one hand there are still lands dedicated to the intensive cultivation of fodder, on the other hand a large stretch has been opened to the public through measures aiming at recovering its original natural features, with clearings and small woodlands.
Unlike other urban parks, Le Vallere distinguishes itself for its combination of rural landscape and public park, its alternation of fodder meadows and almost all autochthonous arboreal species like hornbeams, maples, lime trees, poplars and willows, characteristic of the riparian vegetation. On the eastern border of the area, a double line of white poplars creates a sort of visual and sound barrier to separate Le Vallere Recreational Area from the impending presence of buildings and urban infrastructures. The Recreational Area includes a playground for children, two enclosures where you can leave your dogs without leash, stops surrounded by nature, a botanic-phenological garden, and a mooring post for the navigation along river Po. Moreover, the area is also interested by some cycle facilities and horse-riding trails. In the Recreational Area you will find the 18th century farmstead Cascina Le Vallere, that has been renovated and now houses the offices of River Po Park Authority.
The name "Le Vallere" derives from the name that the French gave to the terrepleins built in 1541, at the time of the French occupation of Piedmont. As a matter of fact, the area was mentioned for the first time with the name "Les Valleres" in a mountain map dating back to the 17th century. In 1706, during the siege of Turin by the French, the area of Le Vallere was theater of battles between the French and Piedmontese troops. Ancient maps show the location of the rural lands and the farmstead, built at the end of the 18th century, and that still today can be found at a few dozen meters from the road access of Le Vallere Recreational Area.

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