Area Marina Protetta Tavolara
Punta Coda Cavallo

Tegghja Liscia

Zone C - Diving Spot with buoy reserved to the Diving Centers

  • Trail Conditions: Diving
  • Interest: Marine Wildlife
  • Depth: - 10 m

The site
Situated in the central area, next to the southern cliff of Tavolara, the site is served by two buoys. The site, in the B zone, is very big and offers the possibility to carry out several routes.
The central part is characterized by a plateau with scattered boulders and a fall leading from about 12m to 20 and more, on which there is a series of big boulders forming ravines and channels. Diving here is allowed only with the authorized diving centers.

Main features
It is very interesting for the variety of the habitats settled at various depths and according to the rock exposure. While the western side is characterized by environments of photophilic seaweeds alternating with sciophilous and pre-coralligenous environments, the eastern side is characterized by an exposure offering coralligenous environments also at lower depths, mainly formed by seaweeds living in shady places like Halimeda tuna, Flabellia petiolata, and several corallinaceae.
Several protected species are scattered along the routes, like the sponge Axinella polypoides, the bivalve Pinna nobilis, and a large grassland of fragmented Posidonia developing between the rocks and the detritus up to the 35m. The site is rich in resident fish species like white seabreams, gilt-headed breams, and big-size groupers; however, it is often populated also by greater amberjacks and dentexes.

Tegghja Liscia - Blue Itinerary
Tegghja Liscia - Blue Itinerary
White seabream
White seabream
Axinella polypoides
Axinella polypoides
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