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Omega Wreck

Zone B - Diving Spot with buoy where private diving activities are allowed

  • Trail Conditions: Diving
  • Interest: Wrecks
  • Required license: 1 stella - Open Water
  • Depth: - 19 m

On February 17, 1974 the Omega coming from Sfax (Tunisia) was headed to Viareggio with its holds empty. It got caught in a storm and, after losing its course, it hit Scoglio dei Fratelli (Cerri) in the south-east of Molara. Only the commander survived, while the seven sailors died during the wreck and, after two weeks, only one of their bodies was found. The relict was dismembered to look for the bodies of the missing sailors, with no results.

Main features
The ship is broken into four sections: the prow is upside down and forms a vault where often it is possible to observe small lobsters.
The lower deck with the keel forms several cavities where brown meagers conceal themselves. The section with the engine, a big diesel engine, stands and the inverter wired with the transmission shaft is well visible. The stern lies down vertically with the deck, and the section of the shaft leading to the propeller and to the rudder are well visible. The propeller is missing and several parts are scattered around the main fragments. The plates house the biocoenosis of the photophilic seaweeds covering them like a blanket. All around, a large grassland of Posidonia grows, interrupted sometimes by spots of detritus and granite boulders. Often, shoals of greater amberjacks go and explore the wreck.

Omega Wreck - Blue Itinerary
Omega Wreck - Blue Itinerary
Omega Wreck, the body section with the engine
Omega Wreck, the body section with the engine
Omega Wreck, the deck
Omega Wreck, the deck
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