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Surface Area: 245,00 ha
Provinces: TO
Establishment: 1990
  • Meisino Nature Reserve (photo by Aree protette Po Torinese)

Herons Nesting in Town, under Superga Basilica

This Nature Reserve, covering a surface area of 245 hectares, is situated between Stura di Lanzo and river Po, in the Municipalities of Turin and San Mauro Torinese. Within the reserve there is also Isolone di Bertolla, delimited in the south by river Po and in the north by the canal of Azienda Energetica Metropolitana (the town energy company). The holm represents a real nature sanctuary in the middle of the town, preserved by the building attack for its inaccessibility. Of particular interest the presence of nests of Grey Herons on the poplars, a unique example in Italy of urban heronry. The lands of the island currently cultivated with poplar groves are interested by renaturalization measures carried out by the Municipality of Turin and River Po Park Authority. Also the remaining part of the Reserve, despite the considerable human pressure at its borders, is interesting for the presence of vegetable and bird species. In the Reserve it is possible to observe over 100 bird species, some of which rare, mainly grebes and little grebes. Near the lake created by Pascolo dam, among cane thickets and water lilies, several bird species nest (among them, the great crested grebe, the mallard, and the moorhen).
Along the canal of A.E.M. in the north of Isolone di Bertolla you will find a stretch of the cycle facilities created by the Municipality of Turin, connecting San Mauro Torinese with Moncalieri running along river Po. Meisino is also a Special Protection Area: SPA Meisino (Confluenza Po-Stura di Lanzo)

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