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At the end of the administrative route established by the regional law n.3 of 12th January 2002, ERSAF - Ente Regionale per i Servizi all'Agricoltura e alle Foreste was born.
ERSAF gathers five regional authorities - that is Azienda regionale delle Foreste, Istituto superiore lattiero caseario di Mantova, Ente regionale per lo sviluppo agricolo della Lombardia, Centro regionale incremento ippico, Centro regionale per l'incremento della vitivinicoltura, della frutticoltura e della cerealicoltura - replacing the five authorities in all their relationships.
Among the different activities carried out by ERSAF, there is also the management of the five Nature Reserves present in these pages, which were managed before by the former Azienda Regionale delle Foreste.

For any information regarding the management of the Reserves, the addresses are the following ones:

R.N. Monte Alpe
Via N. Copernico, 38 - 20125 Milano (MI)
Tel. 02/67404657-684-685 - Fax 02/67404299)
E-mail: paolo.ballardini@ersaf.lombardia.it
R.N. Sasso Malascarpa
Via Adua, 2 - Erba (CO)
Tel. 02/67404456 - Fax 02/67404469
E-mail: alessandro.rapella@ersaf.lombardia.it
R.N. Valle del Freddo
Via Copernico, 38 - 20129 Milano (MI)
Tel. 02/67404621 - Fax 02/67404299
E-mail: alberto.mazzoleni@rersaf.lombardia.it
R.N. Boschi del Giovetto
Piazza Tassara Breno (BS)
Tel. 02/67404347-341 - Fax 02/67404359
E-mail: giovanna.davini@ersaf.lombardia.it
R.N. Isola Boschina
Az. Carpaneta (MN)
Tel. 02/67404339 - Fax 02/67404339
E-mail: fabio.araldi@ersaf.lombardia.it - ersaf.carpaneta@virgilio.it
Via N. Copernico, 38 - 20129 Milano (MI)
Tel. 02/674041 - Fax 02/67404299

Directors of the Nature Reserves managed by ERSAF:
Paolo Ballardini (Monte Alpe)
Alessandro Rapella (Sasso Malascarpa)
Alberto Mazzoleni (Valle del Freddo)
Giovanna Davini (Boschi del Giovetto di Palline)
Fabio Araldi (Isola Boschina)