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Photo by Paolo Ballardini
Photo by Paolo Ballardini

Didactic Activities

Didactic activities carried out by ARF in Monte Alpe Reserve mainly concern:

  • observation of ant-hills of Formica rufa group and their role in the ecological balance of the woodland;
  • knowledge of the forest environment with particular reference to the protective function of the woodland;
  • explanation of dynamic natural processes and of the processes to restore the forest covering;
  • identification of flora and fauna;
  • naturalistic engineering techniques aimed at environmental recovery;
  • the environment and the woodland as economic resource.

Photo by Paolo Ballardini
Photo by Paolo Ballardini

Useful Information

Regione Lombardia
Via N. Copernico, 38 - 20125 Milano (MI)
Tel. +39 02 674041 - Fax +39 02 67404299
Bertignana Forest Nursery
Godiasco (PV)
Tel. and Fax +39 0383 940947
Oltrepò Pavese Mountain Community
Piazza Umberto I, 9 - 27057 Varzi (PV)
Tel. +39 0383 545330

Photo by Paolo Ballardini
Photo by Paolo Ballardini

Visiting the Reserve

Azienda Regionale delle Foreste (ERSAF), as Park Authority, can provide its technical staff, by previous agreement with the Director, to carry out guided visits in the Nature Reserve.
Guided visits are dedicated to organized groups or schools and they will last one day or half a day.
The reserve is accessible only on foot, and it is necessary to wear hiking clothes (mountain boots and rainproof cloak).
As far as schools are concerned, given the features of the site and of the proposals, the didactic activity in the reserve is mainly dedicated to students of intermediate and secondary schools.

The most suitable period to visit the area is from March to October.

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