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Coppa Viterbese

Coppa Viterbese
Coppa Viterbese
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Coppa Viterbese, produced with the pork neck, boasts a very ancient tradition: as a matter of fact, it was mentioned in the "Butchers' Statute" already in 1384. This product is usually called coppa, but, in order to distinguish it with the cold cut produced in northern Italy, lately is also called neck coppa. This product, obtained from the pork neck, is often parallelepiped-shaped; it is soft and its weight varies according to the size of the animal. Generally, also the neck muscles, the jowl lard, the pork rind, the ears cartilage and the tongue are used; the brains and the eyes are not used. The end product is also flavored with various spices (salt, pepper, garlic, orange peel, pistachios, pine nuts, and other spices), has a delicate and at the same time intense taste.

The Producers
Marchio Natura in Campo Azienda Agricola Piana del Marzante
Agricultural Holdings - Acquapendente (VT)

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