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Dry Aromatic Pork Sausages

Dry Aromatic Pork Sausages
Dry Aromatic Pork Sausages
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Dry aromatic sausages are obtained from the processing of the lean side, loin, ham, and shoulder leftovers. They are often seasoned with pepper, fennel, chopped garlic, and coriander. Of course, the mixture varies from area to area.
The product has a dark or pale red color with white spots, a cylindrical shape, and a weight going from 60 to 100 grams. To obtain this product, prepared above all in the Provinces of Rieti and Frosinone, the animals are given dry food. The transformation process goes from the choice of the meat to flavoring (salting and seasoning are carried out in special stoves), to stewing and maturing in cold places. The tradition of the dry aromatic pork sausage is documented in the municipal archives, but it is also witnessed by the various norcinerie.

The Producers
Marchio Natura in Campo Azienda Agricola Piana del Marzante
Agricultural Holdings - Acquapendente (VT)

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