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An Old Mill and the Cerulean Dora with its Cold Glacial Water

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The reserve lies in the east of the town of Rondissone, and covers a total area of 190 hectares, at the border between the Provinces of Torino and Vercelli and in the Municipalities of Mazzè, Rondissone, and Saluggia. The reserve protects the stretch of the river Dora Baltea and of the territory surrounding it between the road Padana Superiore and the highway A4. The landscape is characterized by large gravelly shores and beaches and by interesting woodlands with riparian vegetation (poplars, willows, alders, etc.), by poplar groves or locust tree groves surrounded by sowable lands and meadows. Moreover, within the reserve there are also some beautiful farmsteads with architectural features between the typology of the Canavese area and the one characterizing the plain of Vercelli. The name of the reserve derives from the old mill present in the area, now under repair.

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