Riserva Naturale della Confluenza dell'Orco e del Malone
  • Regione Piemonte
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Surface Area: 302,00 ha
Provinces: TO
Establishment: 1990
  • Confluenza dell'Orco e del Malone Nature Reserve (photo by Andrea Miola)

Beaches, Woodlands, and Gravelly Shores near Chivasso

The streams Orco and Malone flow into the river Po between Brandizzo and Chivasso. Their crystal-clear waters directly come from the Alps of the Canavese area. The water supply of Orco and Malone into the river Po is considerable both in quantity and quality, since it is relatively little polluted. The Nature Reserve covers an area of 302 hectares consisting of large gravelly shores, beaches, areas covered with shrub maquis and others with natural woodlands. The woodlands are dominated by Locust tree, English Oak, Goat Willow, and Black Alder, welcoming several species of nesting and wintering birds. Despite it is crossed by roads, highways, and railway lines, the Reserve maintains many natural features thanks to its thick woodlands, gravelly and sandy holms, and not cultivated fields along the banks of river Po, Orco, and Malone. Near the road bridge over Orco, in Chivasso, there is one of the busiest river beaches of Piedmont. This area will be soon provided with cycle facilities and pedestrian routes, as well as with infrastructures for kayak. The Nature Reserve extends up to the bridge on river Po di Chivasso, in the proximity of which there is Bricel Urban Park, created after the recovery of a degraded area.
Confluenza dell'Orco e del Malone Special Nature Reserve is safeguarded not only by the establishment law of River Po Park, but also according to the regional law no. 47 of 3rd April 1995 "Norme per la tutela dei biotopi", the Decision 85/338/CEE of 27th June 1985, and the Directive 92/43/CEE of 21st May 1992, since it has been considered as "ecological entity of great interest for the conservation of nature" and therefore subject to the environmental-landscape regulations according to law 8th August 1985, no. 431 and the European regulations, recognizing it as SCI – Site of Community Importance (code IT1110018). Confluenza dell'Orco e del Malone nel Po is also a Site of Community Importance (SCI Confluenza Po-Orco-Malone) and a Specia Protection Area (SPA Confluenza Po-Orco-Malone).

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