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Popular or scientific publications on various aspects of the protected area, but also several multimedia items (on different supports), as well as clothes, accessories, and personalized gadgets.

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GuideitAtlante dei Sacri monti, Calvari e complessi devozionali europei
Guidebook + Map
Publisher: Istituto Geografico De Agostini
Maps and Guidebooks31.00 €  Item temporarily sold out at Emporio dei Parchi
itI luoghi del sacro
Guide to the devotional and cultural sites in Piedmont
Author/s: Barbara Caneparo, Andrea Polidori
Publisher: Blu edizioni
Maps and Guidebooks8.00 €   
 itIl Biellese nord occidentale - foglio 2
Map of the trails in scale 1:25000
Publisher: Provincia di Biella
Maps and Guidebooks  
itBiella e provincia
Candelo, Santuario di Oropa, Valle del Cervo, Oasi Zegna
Series: Guide verdi d'Italia
Publisher: Touring Club Italiano
Maps and Guidebooks  
LibriitAlpi e Santuari
Author/s: Samuel Butler
Publisher: Edizioni Piemme
Books and other Publications10.00 €  Item temporarily sold out at Emporio dei Parchi
 itAtlante dei luoghi sacri
Where the sky and the earth meet
Author/s: J. Harpur
Publisher: Editoriale G. Mondadori
Books and other Publications  
itAtlante dei Sacri Monti prealpini
Publisher: Skira
Books and other Publications65.00 €   
 itI quadri votivi del Santuario di Oropa
Author/s: Angelo S. Bessone, Sergio Trivero
Publisher: DOCBI Centro Studi Biellesi
Books and other Publications  
 itI Sacri Monti del Piemonte
Author/s: F. Caresio
Publisher: Editurist
Books and other Publications  
itI Sacri Monti dell'arco alpino italiano
From the myth of the mountains to the reconstructions of the Holy Lnad in the Counter-Reformation culture
Author/s: Massimo Centini
Publisher: Priuli & Verlucca
Books and other Publications  
LibriitIn montibus Sanctis
The procession landscape from Fontainemore to Oropa
Books and other Publications10.00 €  Emporio Shopping Cart
 itIn processione sui monti di Oropa
Evidences by Alberto Maria De Agostini
Publisher: Museo Nazionale della Montagna
Books and other Publications  
itLa Vergine bruna di Oropa
Author/s: Alceste Catella
Publisher: Edizioni San Paolo
Books and other Publications  
itLe strade della fede
In God's travelers footsteps
Author/s: Marco Boglione
Publisher: Blu Edizioni
Books and other Publications18.50 €   
itLuoghi e vie di pellegrinaggio
The Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy
Publisher: Atlas
Books and other Publications10.00 €  Emporio Shopping Cart
itPassione Passioni
Contemporary art at Sacri Monti
Author/s: Yvette Bernizan
Books and other Publications  
 itSacri Monti del Piemonte. Patrimonio mondiale dell'umanit√†
Author/s: F. Caresio
Publisher: EDA
Books and other Publications  
LibriitSacri Monti. L'architettura dei Sacri Monti in Piemonte e Lombardia
Publisher: Druckerei Pomp, Bottrop
Books and other Publications10.00 €  Emporio Shopping Cart
 itStoria di Oropa dal XIII al XIX Secolo
Author/s: Angelo S. Bessone
Publisher: Centro Studi Biellesi
Books and other Publications  
 itTesori di Oropa
Author/s: AA.VV.
Publisher: Riserva Naturale Speciale del Sacro Monte di Oropa
Books and other Publications  

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