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History of Sacro Monte di Orta

The monumental complex
Sacro Monte d'Orta is a devotional route made of twenty chapels painted in fresco and completed by groups of life-size statues in terracotta illustrating the life of San Francesco d'Assisi.
The building of the religious complex began in 1590 thanks to the initiative of both the community of Orta and the abbot from Novara Amico Canobio, and to other wills.
The activity in the building site of Sacro Monte d'Orta, in various stages, went on until the end of the 18th century.

The Chapels of Sacro Monte

  • Chapel I: Birth of St. Francis
  • Chapel II: The Crucifix talks to St. Francis in the Church of San Damiano
  • Chapel III: St. Francis renounces his goods in front of the Bishop of Assisi
  • Chapel IV: St. Francis listens to the Mass
  • Chapel V: Clothing of the first followers of St. Francis
  • Chapel VI: St. Francis sends the first disciples to preach. First miracles performed by them.
  • Chapel VII: The approval of the Franciscan Rules by Pope Innocenzo III
  • Chapel VIII: St. Francis appears to the friars on a fire carriage
  • Chapel IX: Clothing of St. Clare
  • Chapel X: St. Francis' victory over temptations
  • Chapel XI: St. Francis receives from Jesus the privilege of the indulgence of Porziuncola
  • Chapel XII: Christ approves the Franciscan Rules
  • Chapel XIII: St. Francis, for his humility, lets himself be led naked along the streets of Assisi
  • Chapel XIV: St. Francis and the Egyptian sultan
  • Chapel XV: St. Francis receives stigmata in La Verna
  • Chapel XVI: St. Francis goes back to Assisi from La Verna before dying
  • Chapel XVII: St. Francis' death
  • Chapel XVIII: Nicolò III, a Bishop and the secretary on the grave of the Saint
  • Chapel XIX: The miracles on the sepulcher of the Saint
  • Chapel XX: The canonization of St. Francis
  • New Chapel

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