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A visit to the Nature Reserve is a unique and unforgettable experience for its harmonious landscape, the light sounds in the air, and the colors characterizing each season. This territory has been "miraculously" preserved.
Therefore, "living" the Nature Reserve means to discover its most concealed and interesting secrets through the number of possibilities it offers to those who want to relax and at the same time carry out a cultural visit. You can go along the trails on foot or by bike, and there are Nature Trails for which special guides - also sensory guides, like audiocassettes and tactile maps - are available in the Visitor Center.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Nature Trail "La Selva"Nature Trail "La Selva"On foot On foot
Great interest: Flora 
Nature Trail "Le Vene Lake"Nature Trail "Le Vene Lake"On foot On foot
Great interest: Flora 
Sensory Itinerary "The Wood and the River"Sensory Itinerary "The Wood and the River"On foot Accessible TrailOn foot
about 30 minutes
Great interest: Flora 

Cycling Routes

The bike is a particularly suitable means of transport if you want to discover the environmental values of the Nature Reserve along two main itineraries.

Moreover, it is possible to connect the two itineraries, going through the "Grande anello dell'Abbadia" (24 km), which offers a view of the whole area.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
The Trail "Brancorsina"The Trail "Brancorsina"By bike By bike
Great interest: Panorama Great interest: History 
Trail "Villamagna Castle"Trail "Villamagna Castle"By bike By bike

Routes by Car

Fiastra Abbey has represented for long centuries the civil and religious center of this territory which is characterized by small settlements with more or less deep relationships with the monastery.
They are not very famous places, often outside the traditional tourist itineraries; however, they still preserve real artistic jewels and a wonderful landscape.
The visit can be carried out through three different itineraries.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
 Loro Piceno, Mogliano, and PetrioloCar Car
Great interest: History 
Tolentino and Rancia CastleTolentino and Rancia CastleCar Car
Great interest: History 
Urbisaglia and ColmuranoUrbisaglia and ColmuranoCar Car
Great interest: Panorama Great interest: Archeology 

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