Project: At School in the Nature Reserve - school year 2014/2015

Golda del Furlo: a protected area suitable for all

The Project
Increasing the awareness and raising the attention on the environmental themes as well as the important role of the Protected Areas as far as the conservation of the natural resources and of the places culture is the main goal the Gola del Furlo State Natural Reserve intends to satisfy with this new environmental education project, which has been planned on purpose for the new school year. Backed up by its role as Territorial Laboratory of the Infea Marche System (which is a territorial coordination unit on the priority themes connected with the sustainable development education) and in tune with the institutional role of the Protected Areas - which are more and more engaged in the planning and realization of initiatives focusing on the respect of diversity and on the principles of inclusion and integration - the education project "A Scuola nella Riserva" (At School in the Reserve) is divided into two sub-projects:

  • A Scuola nella Riserva - Environmental Education Project, School Year 2014/2015
  • A Scuola nell a Riserva - The Pan Forest: Schools and protected area for an inclusive education

The projects will be developed during the period between February and May, and they provide the realization of different didactic-educational programs to be carried out in the classroom and across the territory with the help of operators specialized in the naturalistic as well as educational sector.
From all these works several materials may originate (drawings, written works, powerpoint presentations) that will be useful to organize an exhibition in the Museum of the Territory and to realize a publication in collaboration with the schools taking part in the project. Some of these works may be also included in the website of the Furlo Reserve under the section entitled "Emozioni di Furlo: l'area protetta vista e presentata dagli studenti ad altri studenti" (Furlo Emotions: the protected area as it is seen and presented by pupils to other pupils).

The activities will be developed according to the following general goals:

  1. Contributing to the knowing of and the respect for the natural and wildlife heritage, arousing pupils' interest through project activities;
  2. promoting the educational role of the green, natural and/or protected areas, of the Parks and of the Oases;
  3. contributing to make school more present in the territory and constantly in contact with the activities carried out in the Reserve;
  4. connecting the didactic-educational activity of planning and realisation to the school programs for an integrated didactics;
  5. combining the knowledges with the active exeriences allowing pupils to experiment, study and verify what has been learned.
  6. Stimulating pupils' natural curiosity, going along with their wish to discover the world.
  7. Stimulating the observation and reworking abilities by drawing up different types of didactic works.
  8. Increasing pupils' sense of responsibility and respect towards nature;

We are considering the possibility to realize even this year a 3-days stay for the secundary schools as a reward for the three projects, to be agreed with teachers.

Final ceremony for all the projects (4 hours)
A final event has been planned in May 2015 within the Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve, at the Golena Park in the locality Furlo di Acqualonga, where all the school classes taking part in the project "A Scuola nella Riserva" will be invited. On that occasion an exhibition with all the works (drawings, posters, pictures etc...) realized by the pupils will be organized. The fairy tale on the badger - result of the work carried out by the pupils joining the Zoological Project - will be read too.
All the schools will be awarded a participation prize consisting of a 150-Euros voucher to buy technological equipments provided by the nature reserve. The transport costs to take the pupils to the final ceremony are at the expanse of the Reserve.

Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

Project: At School in the Nature Reserve - school year 2014/2015At School in the Nature Reserve
At School in the Nature Reserve
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