Observation Huts

In the Reserve, along the various itineraries, there are observation huts. They are the ideal place from where you can observe the river without frightening the aquatic birds populating it. However, the river is not the only environment offering interesting aspects. It is very important to look also in other directions. For instance, towards the tree foliage where you can observe several bird species and their nests.

Bike Rental Service

In the Nature Reserve, the bike rental service is available at the following accommodation structures:

  • Il Casale del Contadino
    In the Nature Reserve loc. Casale Bussolini
    Via del Porto Nazzano snc, 00060 Nazzano (RM)
    Tel. +39 333 6154386 - +39 327 0425377
  • Ecoturismo Tevere-Farfa
    In the Nature Reserve - Via della Vecchia Fornace, 2 - 00060 Nazzano (RM)
    Tel. +39 0765 331757 - Fax +39 0765 332749 - mobile +39 329 6250597 

Bird Watching

In the Reserve you can above all observe birds and among them, especially aquatic birds. There are both resident and migratory birds: the latter live in the Reserve only during certain periods of the year.
The observations can be easily carried out in September-October and from February to April. As a matter of fact, in these periods most of the aquatic birds stopping in the Reserve migrate towards the south and the north. The "Birdwatcher Calendar" illustrates the easiest species to observe and the best sighting periods.

Guided Visits

The Cooperative "Le Mille e una notte" organizes guided visits to the Reserve for individuals or groups of tourists, families, and organized groups (by previous booking within Thursday). Visitors will have the opportunity to spend one day surrounded by nature, to walk observing resident and migratory birds from the observation huts, to stop in the picnic areas and cook at the barbecue sites, to visit the Museum of the Night and receive material on the Reserve. The guided visits will be organized according to the visitors' needs: we will also provide binoculars and didactic cards to better appreciate the biological diversity of the Reserve.

Bookings and information: Cooperativa Sociale Le Mille e Una Notte arl - ONLUS - Via Cheren, 8/10 - 00199 Roma (RM) - Office times: 9.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m. - Tel. and Fax +39 06 86210833 - E-mail: - web

Guided Visits

Tourist Services

In the Nature Reserve you can cook in the open air, using the available barbecues you will find in the picnic areas or taste the local cuisine in one of the holiday farms of the area.
If you want to spend a relaxing weekend with more time at your disposal to admire the naturalistic beauties and the historical-cultural features of the area, you can stay in some of the accommodation structures within the Nature Reserve.

Tourist Services

Visiting the Nature Reserve

The Reserve, open every day from dawn till dusk, is an ideal and healthy environment where you can practice sport at direct contact with nature. Respecting the local fauna and flora, it is possible to practice trekking and authorized fishing, or go by bike.
Along the course of the river Tiber, the Reserve has created stop areas equipped with tables and benches, useful to spend a pleasant day in the open air, surrounded by nature. In these areas you can use the available barbecues to cook in the open air, being very careful while using them.

Tours by Boat with Tour Guide

Within the Nature Reserve, in a wonderful setting rich in vegetation, reed beds, and water birds, our visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the area during a relaxing tour on the ecological boats of the Nature Reserve: "Airone" and "Martin Pescatore", with 23 seats each.
The duration of the trips varies according to the route: it is possible to carry out an itinerary of about one hour in the stretch within the Park area (between Nazzano landing place and Torrita Tiberina landing place), or you can carry out a longer trip by reaching the landing place situated below Sant'Oreste, so that you will have the possibility to entirely appreciate the wonderful landscape of the valley of river Tiber.

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