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The areas preserved by RomaNatura, both the largest ones near Grande Raccordo Anulare and those lying in the heart of the city, offer spectacular rural landscapes, a live evidence of the Roman Countryside. Characteristic sheep pastures, cereal fields, and "vegetable gardens" used both for the family requirements and the supply of the local markets. Out of almost 15,000 hectares covered by RomaNatura protected areas, about the 70% (10,000 ha) is represented by total agricultural area.
The characteristic products you find in the Capital are produced here: Rome is the first agricultural Municipality in Italy, a real "agricultural metropolis".

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Caciotta Cheese
Caciotta is a table cheese, green, with a soft texture, generally produced with all kinds of milk. The caciotta produced in Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura) is made with organic sheep's milk pasteurized at a temperature of 72°C and...
Category: Cheese
Columella's Caciofiore
Columella's Caciofiore can be considered a sort of "ancestor" of the Roman pecorino cheese, prepared with rennet based on cardoon. Columella talks about this cheese in his treatise "De Rustica": "It is better to curdle the milk with lamb or kid rennet,...
Category: Cheese
Pecorino cheese, originally produced in the territory of the Roman Countryside and produced today within Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura), is one of the most ancient cheese in the world. Authors like Varrone, Pliny the Elder, Hippocrates, and...
Category: Cheese
Milk Cream
Milk cream is a green cheese spread produced with pasteurized milk and adding milk enzymes, rennet, and salt. The milk cream, produced in Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura), is made with milk obtained from Sardinian and Cosimana breed sheep....
Category: Cheese
Ricotta cheese is rather widespread in Italy, and has different features according to the production area. Ricotta cheese produced in Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura) is faithful to the tradition of the Roman production, whose recipe exclusively...
Category: Cheese
The geographical origin of yogurt is commonly located in Eastern Europe, from where nomadic people and traders introduced it in the West. Thanks to intense trading and military exchanges, the yogurt became widespread also among Phoenicians, Egyptians,...
Category: Cheese
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