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Monte Mario Nature Reserve

Area: 204 ha
Monte Mario Nature Reserve
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Monte Mario, with its 139 meters of height, is the highest hill in a range of hills called Monti della Farnesina and represents for its environmental features a real mosaic of biological diversity which is today rare in Rome. The soil is formed by sand and gravel of ancient origins, from which the geological history of the area where the town was built can be easily retraced. While the lowest areas are characterized by a typically Mediterranean vegetation (Holm oak, Cork oak, and Cistus), the areas at higher altitudes are characterized by submountain species (Hornbeam, Lime tree, Maple, Manna ash, Hazelnut trees, Privet bush, and Cornel tree). The human settlement has disturbed the presence of the original fauna: nowadays, there are rodents (dormouse, house mouse, and field mouse) and birds (Robins, Blackbird, Long-tailed Tit, Green Finch, Goldfinch, Jackdaw, and Starling). This area represents a priceless cultural and environmental heritage for the town, including historical villas like Villa Mazzanti, where RomaNatura has its headquarters, and Villa Mellini, housing the famous Astronomical Observatory.

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