Panificio Asplanato Angiolino
Corso Italia, 37, 18010, Triora (IM)
Tel: 0184/94290,,
Asplanato Angiolino Bakery
After World War II, drawing on old recipes handed down orally, Angiolino, the village baker, decided to start again producing a loaf of bread that could last several days. At first, the needs of a mountain village that, in the 1950s, still had more than a thousand inhabitants were met. Later, thanks to the interest of some shopkeepers in Sanremo, a small distribution network was created, taking advantage of the bus service for transport.

Today, the ingredients needed for bread-making are the same as then, and type 1 soft wheat flour is still used. In addition to type 1 flour, which contributes to the golden colour of the loaf, Triora Bread is made with brewer’s yeast, salt, a dusting of bran on which the bread is placed before baking, and the ever-present water, which rises not far from Paese delle Streghe (Town of the Witches). >>>
Weather forecast
Weather Triora
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Tuesday 29 Cloudy with rain 3 4 NNE 24 km/h
Wednesday 30 Sunny 2 7 NNE 16 km/h
Thursday 1 Partly cloudy 1 5 NNE 24 km/h
Friday 2 Partly cloudy 3 5 NE 20 km/h
Saturday 3 Rain and snow 2 3 NNE 32 km/h
Sunday 4 Cloudy with rain 3 6 NE 11 km/h
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