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The Computerized Herbarium

Visitor Center


With the aim to create a computerized herbarium in the Visitor Center of Parc Urbain Bãngr-weoogo, during the first technical mission 500 images of the most interesting - both from a scientific and economic point of view - herbaceous and arboreal species have been gathered and catalogued: many species which are not yet well known can become a source of food and technology, above all for the extraction of active ingredients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
The experimental and very original activity has been carried out by building in Italy the necessary hardware and software which have been sent to Ouagadougou and placed in the Park structures; afterwards, on the spot, local technicians have been trained: they are now able to continue the work autonomously.
Among the project developments there is the creation of multimedia instruments to promote the diffusion and a thorough knowledge of each species.
At the same time, a traditional physical herbarium has been created with the same vegetal species which have been scanned, with the aim to be more precise in their identification and for exchanges with other parks, museums, or other authorities. For this reason, technical and scientific material useful for the preparation of botanic samples has been given to the Park, and the Park staff has received training on how to use it.
The start of scientific research activity in Parc Urbain Bãngr-weoogo represents a useful instrument to increase the knowledge of the local environmental resources. In particular, working for a survey on botanic species with the help of new technologies means contributing to the improvement of alimentary safety and the conservation of environmental biodiversity.

Exhibit on Sahel

Exhibit on Sahel In the Visitor Center of Parco Naturale della Collina di Superga there is an exhibit on the issues regarding the protection of the natural and cultural resources of Sahel. The exhibit, consisting of 11 big-size panels, deals with the main issues of the protection of the environment and struggle against poverty. The exhibit has also been organized in Parco Valle Pesio and in other Authorities and schools of Provincia di Cuneo.

Fund Raising

The collaboration between the two parks has given birth to a sale of batik, hand made in Ouagadougou and sold in the Visitor Center of Parco Naturale della Collina di Superga, with the aim to raise funds for an elementary school in Ouaga: just an example of the results of the relationships created in this project!