Parc Urbain Bangr-Weoogo

Environmental Education

Training Both the African and the Italian staff of the protected areas pay a lot of attention to "environmental education" programs to carry out in schools - at any grade - lying in the park territories: there are already some experiences involving in the "decentralized cooperation" some municipalities of the protected areas and having as protagonist pupils and students of Italian and Burkinian kindergartens, elementary and middle schools: the Elementary School Vogliotti in Castagneto Po has sent to the School in Wayalghin C, a district of Ouagadougou, a notebook with four fairy tales set in the wood, translated into French. They are waiting for an answer.

On the Spot Training

The work in Parc Bãngr-weoogo carried out by Roberto Pascal and Dino Genovese, park keepers of Parco Naturale della Collina di Superga, and by the photographer Dante Alpe, park keeper of Parco Naturale Orsiera-Rocciavré, present during the mission as a volunteer, has given the opportunity to organize micro-courses of photography and for the preparation of animal samples for the museums.