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Environmental Education Activities in the Park

Gole della Breggia Park offers a wide range of educational activities, dedicated in particular to elementary and middle schools. Some activities are carried out indoor, representing a valid alternative to the tours in the Park, which depend on the weather conditions.

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Guided Tours

The new environmental education activities at Mulino del Ghitello can be completed with a guided visit in the Park. The itinerary is illustrated in short by the panels you will find at the different geo-stops and described in detail in the publication "Guida geologica al Parco delle Gole della Breggia" (available at the price of frs. 30.).
The Park tour guides lead the visitors in tours lasting from 2 to 6 hours, according to the chosen activity.

  • Organization of the activities
    Considering the present capacity of the classroom, classes with more than 12 pupils (excluding the teachers) will be divided into two groups. The two groups will carry out different activities (one in the classroom, the other outdoors or in the oil mill hall) and, according to the available time, may exchange activities. The Park animators will adapt the activities to the needs of the participants. The necessary time is therefore approximate.
  • Cost
    Animation for one class of 25 pupil costs frs. 200.
    The tours cost from frs. 80. to frs. 180.

Booking: Booking required both for environmental education activities and guided visits. Please contact: Fondazione Parco delle Gole della Breggia, Tel. 0041 (0)916901029, Fax. 0041 (0)916901038, E-mail
Regione Valle di Muggio, Tel. 0041 (0)916822016, Fax. 0041 (0)916822018, E-mail

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